Navigation Challenge


This contest will show off the autonomous navigation in dynamic environments. Winners will be chosen based on time and accuracy of navigation to specific points within the contest environment.


The objective of this Contest is to encourage entrants to create robust robot navigation software to control a Pioneer robot with a range finder sensor. There are a few way points a robot must visit. The ground truth map is given. However, the actual map is slightly different from the ground truth map. It is a dynamic environment in which obstacles can appear or disappear unexpectedly. The goal of the contest is to visit all way points and to reach the goal location under a dynamic environment using a robust planning algorithm avoiding unexpected obstacles and finding newly appearing shortcut in the fastest time.



Dynamic Environment

Surroundings change in which an agent navigates. So unlike the static case, the agent must adapt to new situations and overcome possibly unpredictable obstacles. 


Planning a new path to go to the goal location when the agent cannot use an existing path because it is unpredictably obstructed.

Hardware and Software



Team Name
Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
1 Turning mecard Minryoung Kim Juhyeong Park  
2 1st place Yeonwoo Jeong Jihun Yi Jonghyun Lee
3 Tracer Jeehyun Kim Jongyun Song   
4 sorry for lateness dionysus Changsung Kim  Wonkeun Song Jaerin Lee
5 Haha Seokhyeon Ha  Timothy Ha  
6 AJ bot Byungkwan Jung  Seokhyun Ahn  
7 ME2 Yunho Choi  Suheon Bae  Chaewon Kim
8 Coding slaves Hanyoung Ju  Kihyun Kim  
9 Miro Subin Huh Donghoon Park  
10 DumRobot David Chen Billdal Laure Lambert  
11 a* Dongwook Kim  Jigang Kim    
12 SSeoBot Kyoochul Lee  Jungwoo Kim   
13 Powers of Three Youhghwa Jung  Daeyoung Kim  Dongwook Yang
14 Cartographer Hyoksoo Kwon  Dongseong Seo Joonwoo Ahn
15 Usain RoBolt Xavier Ekkel  Barend Harris  
16 Alphabo
Yurim Jeon Jaehyeon Kim