RC Car Racing: A Navigation Challenge


This contest will show off the autonomous navigation with a RC car. Winners will be chosen based on time and accuracy of navigation to specific points within the contest environment.




  11:00 - 12:30

  Navigation Challenge (Trial 1)

  12:30 - 13:30   Autonomous RC Car Racing
  13:30 - 15:00

  Navigation Challenge (Trial 2)


The objective of this contest is to encourage entrants to create a robust and fast robot navigation software to control an RC car with a laser range finder. There are a few milestones that a RC car must visit. The map of the environment is generated by a SLAM algorithm but the accurate location of a RC car is not given, so the RC car needs to estimate its location using the laser range finder. The goal of the contest is to visit all milestones in the fastest time without collision.





Unlike simulations, the true location of the RC car is unknown in the real track. Therefore the RC car should infer the location of itself by the given map data and laser scan data from the environment.

Path Planning

The path planning algorithm generate a path to visit all milestones in the given map. To generate a proper path that the RC car can follow, dynamics of the RC car (e.g., rotation angle, speed, ...) should be considered while generating path.

Hardware and Software



  Team Name Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
1 Mimi_ZZang 장하민 정천기  홍민의
2 Frontier 이민형 윤민혁 허진욱
3 MambaSamba 한승주 이원석 김현식
4 Waeguk Lachlan Yichen Huang Ludvig Magnus Aaberg Aas Tang Yecheng 
5 Dogs and Pigs 강동주 홍성민 오우석
6 Mazerunner Jonne Patrick Mikael Sotala Kulwa Juma Kanani Lukas Xaver Loosli
7 REAL 강민재 신채훈 김태현
8 Inexperienced Driver 김예준  성명석 심소희
9 Drunk driving 박정호  이건민 도우형