Our paper on real-time navigation is accepted to ICRA 2014.

  • Real-Time Navigation in Crowded Dynamic Environments Using Gaussian Process Motion Control by Sungjoon Choi, Eunwoo Kim, and Songhwai Oh

  • Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel Gaussian process motion controller that can navigate through a crowded dynamic environment. The proposed motion controller predicts future trajectories of pedestrians using an autoregressive Gaussian process motion model (AR-GPMM) from the partially observable egocentric view of a robot and controls a robot using an autoregressive Gaussian process motion controller (AR-GPMC) based on predicted pedestrian trajectories. The performance of the proposed method is extensively evaluated in simulation and validated experimentally using a Pioneer 3DX mobile robot with a Microsoft Kinect sensor. In particular, the proposed method shows over 68% improvement on the collision rate compared to a reactive planner and vector field histogram (VFH). 
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